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What makes usus

Our employees form the heart and soul of fulfilling our enduring purpose to help members prevent, prepare for and recover from life's uncertainties, and we're proud of the culture we create together.
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Create your future

This is your opportunity to drive strategy through innovation. Use your leadership skills to inspire and empower others. Unlock customer insights using data and analytics. As we innovate our future, we evolve ideas using member-centric design thinking.

Our recent hackathon was so much fun. It generated a ton of great innovation ideas and positive energy throughout the day…”

 Perry Liu
 Internal Audit Executive

Individual conducting a leadership presentation to a group.

Advance your career

We empower you to take control of your professional development with our award-winning leadership and development programs, designed for every stage of your career. Our mentor program connects employees and experienced leaders to enable lasting relationships and development opportunities. Continuing education and growth is encouraged through tuition assistance benefits. Our suite of programs is key to developing our company’s most important asset: our people.

​​​​​​“Going through our Aspiring Leaders Development Program was an exciting experience. The program gave me insights that forged a path for success and I don’t know that I would be in the same position today if it weren’t for the program.”

 Justin Klepadlo
 Regional Claims Manager

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Make a difference in your community 

It’s our goal to provide our employees with the opportunity to impact our communities meaningfully. Offering employees paid time off to volunteer is just one way we make that a reality. Since 2015, we have been recognized as one of the 50 most community-minded companies in the United States by Points of Light. Giving back is a cornerstone of our employee culture, and a reflection of the passion and generosity of our people.

“Until you do it, you do not realize the impact volunteering has-not only on the people you are helping, but on yourself as well.”

 Bobbi Almeida
 Subrogation Specialist

40 hours to make an impact
Each employee is provided with up to 40 paid hours for volunteering, personal development, culture and wellness activities.
$10 donation per hour
In 2022, our Dollars for Doers program gives employees $10 to donate for every eligible hour volunteered up to $1,000.
$1,000 to nonprofits 
$1,000 gift eligible to nonprofits where employees serve on the board. 
1:1 gift matching
Up to $1,000 dollar-to-dollar charitable gift matching to eligible nonprofits. 
Employee presenting on inclusion and belonging to a group
When we feel like we belong, we influence, innovate, problem-solve and thrive. 

Me. You. Us.

Three employees smiling together at an event
“An inclusive work environment inspires the best in us all, because each person knows they matter they belong, they are important to the everyday effort and to the greater good. This ultimately translates into even better service levels, both in how we serve each other inside the company and how we serve our AAA Members.” 

Karina DeLaCruz
Vice President, Community
Inclusion and belonging video

Belonging is a commitment we make together. 

Belonging is the feeling of being taken in and accepted as part of a group culture or structure. It is being seen, heard and valued. We asked our colleagues to talk about the importance of belonging and gained insight on the lasting impact it has on all of us. As you watch the video, we challenge you to commit to one thing you are willing to do to foster belonging.

​​​​​​​Our Employee Resource Groups

Sustainable CSAA IG
​​​​​​CSAA IG inspires employees and the organization to contribute at work, at home, and in our communities to help solve the environmental crisis and reduce the impact of climate change. 
Black Employee Association (BEA)
Black Employee Association (BEA)
​​​​​​​Celebrates and empowers black employees and their allies to further the diverse and innovative culture of CSAA IG. Educates  employees, bridges cultural gaps and fosters collaboration and personal and professional development. 
Group of employees at a PRIDE parade
​​​​​​​Pride promotes the LGBTQ+ community, employees and allies, creates opportunities and supports programs and services to provide education and create a safer environment. 
Group of employees at an event
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Promotes awareness of Hispanic culture and traditions through education and volunteerism; creates an inclusive environment by participating together and building understanding about the Hispanic community and their contributions.
Women's Professional Network (WPN)
Women's Professional Network (WPN)
The WPN is a coalition of women and men, who collaborate, learn and lead to support the advancement of women at CSAA IG.
Employees at a rowing event
Asian Pacific Islander Connection (APIC)
APIC engages in Asian Pacific cultural, educational and social activities to enrich our employees' experience; provides opportunities for personal development and professional growth and promote inclusion and belonging. 
Group of employees outside the Oklahoma City office
Regional Diversity Councils (RDC)
​​​Our Regional Diversity Councils serve and engage local leaders to help create an inclusive workplace that supports full engagement of employees at all levels of the organization. 
Two employees in from of the military Wall of Honor
Military Appreciation Group (MAG)
​​​​​MAG celebrates and provides resources for employees and their family members who are part of the armed forces (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, or Retired).
Group of employees at a volunteer event
Eastern Region Caregivers Network
​​​​​Provides resource awareness, research, innovation, advocacy and other assistance to employees who provide caregiving and financial support to loved ones. 
Group of employees at an event
Supporting and Empowering Employees with Disabilities (SEED)
SEED contributes to our culture of inclusion and belonging and support a work environment where people with disabilities both visible and invisible ​​​​​​​feel safe and can feel comfortable doing their job. 
Near Eastern Appreciation Team (NEAT)
Near Eastern Appreciation Team (NEAT)
​​​​​​​NEAT seeks to overcome stereotypes within and beyond the Near Eastern community by educating employees and highlighting the history, art and culture of the Near East.