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Life at CSAA IG 

At CSAA IG, we share a strong sense of purpose and a hunger for adventure. Change should always be expected, but can’t always be predicted. Whatever happens, we remain true to our beliefs and clear on our purpose. We meet change head on and grow from each experience.
Two employees standing in an office side by side with group of employees working together behind them.
Accelerate your future
At CSAA IG, your future is wide open and you’re the pioneer. In moving forever forward together, we learn, lead, communicate and contribute. The way to the future will be driven by your knowledge and intellect, your determination and your drive to always find a better way to inspire change in others.

Individual conducting a leadership presentation to a group.
It's your career
Our award-winning leadership and development programs are designed to help you take control of your career at every stage. Our mentor program can help you acquire the wisdom of others’ experience and create growth opportunities. Tuition assistance can support formal education. All it takes is work and a commitment to grow.
Employees hiking at volunteer activity
Your community needs you 
Taking action to provide service is who we are. We’re proud to offer employees paid time off to volunteer. But it’s you who bring the spirit to lend a hand, to help out and give back where you can. This combination of employee motivation and company support has made us one of the country’s 50 most community-minded companies, cited by Points of Light. 

A community of service in action 

40 hours to make an impact
Each employee is provided with up to 40 paid hours for volunteering, personal development, culture and wellness activities.
$10 donation per hour
In 2022, our Dollars for Doers program gives employees $10 to donate for every eligible hour volunteered up to $1,000.
$1,000 to nonprofits 
$1,000 gift eligible to nonprofits where employees serve on the board. 
1:1 gift matching
Up to $1,000 dollar-to-dollar charitable gift matching to eligible nonprofits. 
Employee presenting on inclusion and belonging to a group

Remotely or in the office, we are part of one team, solving problems and making things happen.  

Moving forward together

Three employees smiling together at an event
“An inclusive work environment inspires the best in us all, because each person knows they matter — they belong, they are important to the everyday effort and to the greater good. This ultimately translates into even better service levels, both in how we serve each other inside the company and how we serve our customers” 

Karina DeLaCruz
Vice President, Community
Inclusion and belonging video
Our sense of belonging keeps us together

Belonging is the feeling of being welcomed and accepted for who you are and the qualities you bring. It’s knowing you’re heard and valued as an individual and employee. We asked some of our colleagues to talk about why a sense of belonging is important and how they help extend that feeling to others. Enjoy the video, and think about how you can foster that sense of belonging, wherever you may work.

Our Inclusion Groups

​​​​​​A community of black employees and allies that educates employees, bridges cultural gaps and fosters collaboration, professional development and personal growth.  
Black Employee Association (BEA)
Established by Christian employees to empower employees of all faiths or none to be their authentic self and promote an inclusive presence within the organization. 
Group of employees at a PRIDE parade
A community of working parents and caregivers to provide support, share ideas, solutions and encouragement for life's ongoing challenges.
Near Eastern Appreciation Team (NEAT)
 A forum responsible for shaping an inclusive culture that is committed to elevating best practices and creating more equitable outcomes across all dimensions of diversity. 
Group of employees at an event
A community of veteran employees, their family members, friends and supporters to celebrate and provide resources to those that have served our country.
​​​​A community among people with shared identities and/or experiences through serving all employees impacted by Mental Health whether that is personally, as a caregiver or though family/friends.
Women's Professional Network (WPN)
A community focused on educating and raising awareness on the experiences of American Indian Tribes of the United States and local communities.
Employees at a rowing event
A network of employees that educate on the culture, customs, history and current experiences of the Pan Asian community and its many dimensions. 
Group of employees outside the Oklahoma City office
​​​A community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies that sponsor activities and programs designed to empower, educate and create an inclusive and safe environment. 
Two employees in from of the military Wall of Honor
​​​​​A dedicated group focused on educating on Hispanic/Latinx cultures, engaging in professional development, supporting the business and community outreach. 
Group of employees at a volunteer event
​​​​A network supporting employees living with disabilities and caregivers of people with disabilities to develop a more inclusive and accessible work environment. 
Group of employees at an event
A professional community of women and allies that identify and promote opportunities for women to rise to the highest level of their potential and ambition.