Group of employees smiling and laughing in fitness attire

The Way We Work 

CSAA Insurance Group embraces a hybrid work model to provide flexibility in how and where employees work, with over 90% of employees permanently working remotely. We support employees in doing their best work every day and in bringing their full selves to each interaction. The diversity of experience, thought and talent at CSAA IG is the result of our strong culture and approach to find the best candidates, wherever they may be. Your career path here is not defined by where you live, but by the skills you bring and your willingness to grow and contribute to the success of our company and each other.  

What our employees are saying

Work-life balance is so important! This is why I love that CSAA IG encourages this for their employees. As a mother of two I’m able to attend every dance recital, every martial arts class, and doctor’s appointment while still having the flexibility to have a career that inspires me. Putting people first is important, and CSAA IG makes me feel valued as an employee and working parent.
Arianne Ridge
Senior Product Manager
CSAA has always supported my career and never set limitations. Working in a hybrid environment has allowed me to promote and gain exposure outside of my home state. It has allowed me to interact with other employees with similar interests that I would not have had the opportunity to in the past. With the support of CSAA, I continue to grow professionally and personally, taking on new things both at work and outside of work as well!
Nadja Ocampo-Robles
Claims, Supervisor
I love working for a company that encourages their employees to thrive and grow in all aspects of their individual career paths. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful girls, and with a hybrid environment, CSAA IG supports a healthy work-life balance which permits me to be there and support my girls during events in their lives.

Crystal Kelly
Casualty Specialist

​​​​​​​“We foster an inclusive community that values connection, creation and collaboration, regardless of where we physically work. Being purposeful in our approach and adapting to new ways of working is necessary for the future of our company so we can continue making CSAA IG an employer of choice."

Melissa Jones, executive vice president and Chief Human Resources Officer, CSAA Insurance Group

Our Hybrid Philosophy in Action

Employee Choice
  • Our employees have flexibility with where and how they want to work
  • Enabling our employees to have flexibility creates a culture of work/life balance
  • There's no fine print: we offer a truly hybrid work environment
Health and Well-being
  • Defining your own healthy work boundaries is one way we support your mental health
  • Disconnecting is important, so we’re not “always on” at CSAA IG
  • Our 40 hours of additional paid enrichment time off help you focus on culture, development, volunteerism and well-being
  • Events, Employee Resource Groups and more create safe, inclusive online spaces 
​​​​Remote Learning
  • As a new employee, you’ll be embedded in live, interactive online classrooms
  • All CSAA IG employees enjoy continuous growth through our online courses
  • Our educational programs are designed for every career level, whether you’re a leader or an individual contributor 
​​​​Our Culture Norms
  • We bring our whole selves to work every day
  • We’re remote-first, with meetings designed for a virtual-first experience
  • Employees enjoy time each week for undisturbed, meeting-free “Time to Focus”
  • Our meeting etiquette accommodates ending meetings early to give employees time in between calls.
Flexible Work and Reduced Travel
  • Our hybrid environment gives you time back for your personal life
  • Required in-person interactions or meetings are minimal 
  • Commute time and travel are greatly reduced, giving you more time and reducing our impact on the environment

​​​​​​​Working remotely, but always together

At CSAA IG, hybrid work has become more than just a temporary solution.

​​​​​​​We've embraced a hybrid-first philosophy as an important part of our future and expanded our hiring throughout the U.S.

​​​​​​​While we maintain regional centers and some employees choose to work in the office, the great majority of our workforce logs in remotely from across the country.