Group of employees smiling and laughing in fitness attire
Our Vision of Inclusion and Belonging at CSAA IG
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​​​​​​​At CSAA IG, inclusion and belonging is a journey. We believe that a diverse workforce leads to improved leadership effectiveness, a more fulfilling employee experience, and greater customer satisfaction.

"Our most incredible privilege is taking responsibility for the change we want to see. We are commited to meaningful impact with passionate people dedicated to doing the challenging yet rewarding work of improving our communities and world." 

Esayas Wureta
Head of Inclusion, Belonging and Community Impact

"Society’s most significant threat to change is believing that someone else will do it."

MeShawn Green, Inclusion & Belonging Consultant

Our Environmental, Social and Governance Report
Learn more about CSAA IG's commitment to building an inclusive and diverse community, and explore our approach to supporting the environment and compliance.

"Collectively we can have better answers than any individual."

Pavana Reddy, Scrum Master & Community Impact Champion, IT
Member of Pride and Sustainable CSAA IG
Our Four Pillars of Inclusion and Belonging
CSAA IG is committed to creating equitable experiences across the recruiting and employment lifecycle. We believe in creating a diverse workforce at all levels of the organization that reflects the community we serve. Our efforts have yielded positive results, and we will continue to build upon this foundation through ongoing system and policy changes.
We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment where everyone feels recognized and appreciated. This commitment requires the engagement and participation of all individuals within the organization. Our culture groups, including employee resource groups, play a crucial role in this by connecting individuals with shared interests to support one another and promote a positive workplace culture that extends into our communities.
Communities & Marketplace
Our commitment to promoting equity and building strong communities goes beyond just the business decisions at CSAA IG. Our focus on community impact and supplier diversity is a testament to this. We believe that creating robust, vibrant communities is essential to fostering a better future for all. To achieve this, we support non-profit organizations that share our values and work towards creating equitable, resilient, and vibrant communities where our customers and employees live and work. Our supplier diversity program is another way in which we build relationships with vendors and enterprises owned by people of color, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community and persons with disabilities as well as certified small businesses. This allows us to purchase goods and services from vendors who share our values and help us achieve our corporate objectives.  ​​​​​​​
At CSAA IG, we are dedicated to serving all members of our communities. We strive to offer products and services that meet the diverse and evolving needs of our customers, and we make sure to engage with them in an inclusive way across all channels. By doing so, we can increase customer diversity and grow alongside our communities, building stronger and more vibrant places to live and work.
Workforce Representation
We are committed to building and fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. We practice data transparency to reflect our commitment to advancing equity across our organization. At this time, we are required to report gender, race and ethnicity within the boundaries determined by the federal government. However, we recognize the various ways in which people identify themselves. The data does not yet reflect the full spectrum of our employees’ identities. 
Group of employees smiling and laughing in fitness attire
Group of employees smiling and laughing in fitness attire

"There's something much more impactful when an organization doesn't just send internal emails and host internal events and fundraisers, but visibly displays their allyship for everyone to see. I'm grateful to work with and for an organization that not only values its employees but ensures that others know that they stand behind their employees."

Ashley Rockhill, Business Process Analyst
Member of Pride

"As an autistic individual, CSAA has been the most welcoming and supportive environment I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m so excited that I get to help raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace and that CSAA listens to and supports me in my career goals."

Liz Crawford, Claims Advisor 
Co-lead of SEED, Member of Pride and MERG

“Being part of the Accelerator Program at CSAA IG was a great experience. The program, designed for non-executive employees, is focused on amplifying diverse voices and perspectives. It gave me a platform to be heard and to express my opinion about what’s working and how we can improve the company going forward. It provided me with an opportunity to learn directly from our executive leaders on topics of leadership, strategic thinking and so on. The program paired me with an incredible mentor who has helped me navigate and grow in my career. It has given me the confidence and aspiration to reach for new heights in my career. I am very thankful to CSAA IG to have these programs and to invest in its employees.”

Arturo Paniagua, Operational Procurement Consultant  
Our Employee Resource Groups
*Groups are listed alphabetically
​​​​​​A community of black employees and allies that educates employees, bridges cultural gaps and fosters collaboration, professional development and personal growth.  
Black Employee Association (BEA)
Established by Christian employees to empower employees of all faiths or none to be their authentic self and promote an inclusive presence within the organization. 
Near Eastern Appreciation Team (NEAT)
 A forum responsible for shaping an inclusive culture that is committed to elevating best practices and creating more equitable outcomes across all dimensions of diversity. 
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A community of veteran employees, their family members, friends and supporters to celebrate and provide resources to those that have served our country.
​​​​A community among people with shared identities and/or experiences through serving all employees impacted by Mental Health whether that is personally, as a caregiver or though family/friends.
Women's Professional Network (WPN)
A community focused on educating and raising awareness on the experiences of American Indian Tribes of the United States and local communities.
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A network of employees that educate on the culture, customs, history and current experiences of the Pan Asian community and its many dimensions. 
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​​​A community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies that sponsor activities and programs designed to empower, educate and create an inclusive and safe environment. 
Two employees in from of the military Wall of Honor
​​​​​A dedicated group focused on educating on Hispanic/Latine cultures, engaging in professional development, supporting the business and community outreach. 
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​​​​A network supporting employees living with disabilities and caregivers of people with disabilities to develop a more inclusive and accessible work environment. 
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A professional community of women and allies that identify and promote opportunities for women to rise to the highest level of their potential and ambition.  
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